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Language X++

Author:Tobias Nystrom
Score: (3.00 in 43 votes)
X++ (Axapta) version of 99 Bottles of beer
Tobias Nystrom,
static void bottles99()
    str         lyrics1, lyrics2, lyrics3;
    str         s = "s";
    int         bottles;
    lyrics1 = "%1 bottle%2 of beer on the wall%3 ";
    lyrics2 = "%1 bottle%2 of beer. ";
    lyrics3 = "Take one down, pass it around, ";

    for (bottles = 99; bottles >= 1; bottles--)
        info(strFmt(lyrics1, int2str(bottles), s, ","));
        info(strFmt(lyrics2, int2str(bottles), s));

        if (bottles == 2) s = "";
        if (bottles == 1) s = "s";

        info(strFmt(lyrics1, int2str(bottles - 1), s, "."));

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>>  cbuilder said on 06/28/05 09:06:15

cbuilder It looks like you invented the programming language X++.

>>  Tobias Nyström said on 04/07/06 10:11:45

Tobias Nyström X++ is the language used in Axapta (which Microsoft recently renamed Dynamics Ax), an ERP system now owned by Microsoft.

"The development environment used in Microsoft Axapta is called MorphX®. MorphX is an Integrated Development Environment, or IDE, because it integrates several different functions such as designing, editing, compiling and debugging within one common environment. MorphX includes editors for the Microsoft Axapta client of Microsoft Windows®, the Web and mobile devices, and it also uses IntelliMorph® technology and the X++® development language."

>>  xue said on 09/29/09 05:41:47

xue please are there any other IDE or compiler tools for x++, I dont want to use x++ in M$ AX. I'm just sourcing some tools to code with x++.
C++Builder is for c++, and visual c++ is for c++ too, so MorphX in axapta is for x++, if Morphx is C++ Builder, are there any Visual c++ for x++?

A1 like A2 = A (A1 is C++ builder, A2 is visual c++, A is c++)
B1 like ? = B (B1 is Morphx, B2 is ??, B is x++)


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