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Language Befunge

Author:Brian Raiter
Score: (3.80 in 97 votes)
v v0\1:\1:{CODE}{CODE}\!:p15-<     Bottles of Beer for Befunge
0 \ {befunge} >" ekaT">v   written by Brian Raiter, 5/97
0>>.0"llaw eht no "v<#,:
"\,     >"eno"^>0 #"^1^_v
c1,>51g#^_"ti"^. >vr :  $
"::^" down, pass "<e    5
>^|\*25,<^     # i e ^g1< 
  ,>052*":dnuor t"vbv:<
v0_^    .      , ^< " "
>52*".ll"v   >,^   fb e
v<v<v_$!|>"aw eht no r"v
""" ,:  >" ;"^      f ^<@
meo >^"bottle"<    "o   $
o m^"re:"<v  _^#g15<  v_^
s""  >52*^>"s"^v"les"<,:
"^<  ^"99 bott"<    >^>^<
>" yub ,erots eht ot oG"^

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Alternative Versions

Funge 98 psuedo-procedural versionErefe09/23/070


>>  Ian Osgood said on 07/12/05 19:39:42

Ian Osgood Completely self-evident! ;)

>>  thematrixeatsyou said on 06/30/06 11:23:45

thematrixeatsyou That is very nice Befunge.

>>  Ian Osgood said on 08/08/06 22:38:31

Ian Osgood For this to actually run, remove the two "CODE" words from the first line, leaving you with "{}{}".

>>  WalterD said on 08/28/06 06:19:40

WalterD I couldn't get this to run, even after removing the "CODE" words and the byline. The program gets locked in an infinite loop after "take one down, pass it round:"

>>  WalterD said on 08/28/06 07:18:14

WalterD Whoops, it was my own fault. This is a Befunge-93 program, and I was trying to run it with a Befunge-98 interpreter.

>>  Heikki Kallasjoki said on 09/10/09 09:14:27

Heikki Kallasjoki It would make more sense to replace the { CODE}{CODE } part with "\ 0\ 0" (without the quotes and spaces), as that's what's in the downloadable version. It does work in a Funge-98 interpreter that way, too.

(I suspect a regexp backreference problem for the in-line version, something like doing a s/{CO DE}/$code/g without worrying about backrefs in $code. Especially since it seems that in this comment, plain CODE in {}s still gets the program in, and the backslash-0 backreference says FORM_COMMENT in {}s.)

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