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Language Portable ISO Standard Pascal

Author:Philipp Winterberg
Score: (1.00 in 11 votes)
{ Portable ISO Standard Pascal version of 99 Bottles of beer (Bottles.pas) }
{ See              }
{ Philipp Winterberg,                            } 

program Bottles(output); var b: integer; {$c+,t+} 
  for b:= 99 downto 1 do 
    writeln(b, ' bottle(s) of beer on the wall,', #13#10, 
            b, ' bottle(s) of beer.', #13#10,  
            'Take one down, pass it around,', #13#10, 
            (b-1), ' bottle(s) of beer on the wall.', #13#10)

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>>  iso consultants delhi said on 09/15/06 18:45:59

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>>  Gordon E. Peterson II said on 08/14/07 20:20:21

Gordon E. Peterson II I'd be a lot more impressed if the program actually output the "official lyrics" in the reference form posted on the site... Didn't most of the people posting here bother to read what the problem assignment was?

>>  Rugxulo said on 01/07/10 06:28:49

Rugxulo I'm the last person on Earth to claim to understand Pascal, but I don't think this is really "standard". Compiles fine with GPC as-is, but not if you use the "--standard-pascal" switch.

>>  barrym said on 03/29/10 07:52:14

barrym More lazy-ass "bottle(s)" code. C'mon Phil, give us a conditional
expression or two. Geez Louise..........

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