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Language c++

(ob fuscated)

Author:Tapi (Paddy O'Brien)
Score: (2.16 in 25 votes)
                                                     /* obfuscated 99
						     bottles   program 
						     in c++ coded  by 
						     paddy   obrien */
                                                   #include <iostream>
                                                  using namespace std;
                                                void beer(int,int);    void
					       wall(); int main() {        int
                                              bottles                        =99; 
					      while                      (bottles)
                                            {for(int i=0;    i < 2;          ++i) 
                                            beer(        bottles,i);  cout   <<
                                            "take one down pass it around"
                                           <<  endl;                        beer
                                            (--bottles,                            0)
                                            ;cout    <<                      endl;} 
                                            return      0                            ;}
                                            void beer      (int  bottles, int i)
                                            {cout <<                       bottles
					    <<            "  bottle(s) of beer "; 
                                            if(!i)            wall(); else cout << 
                                            endl;}  void wall(){              cout 
                                            << "on the wall"         <<endl;}
                                            /*Yeah I know it's          a sorry
                                            excuse for                    a bottle
                                            but given how little code    was
                                            required it's the               best I
                                            could/felt like doing,    oh  and
                                            by the way all the     comments
					     \are purely                  filler  */

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>>  Pulseczar said on 07/29/06 08:38:27

Pulseczar the fug?

>>  dj alejo said on 07/27/09 10:57:05

dj alejo Indeed, it's no obfuscated. It's more like usual code with an unusual identation.

>>  Lurveleven said on 05/31/10 12:06:23

Lurveleven Far from giving the correct output.

>>  barrym said on 06/02/10 04:44:38

barrym I agree with Lurveleven.
I humbly suggest that the author fill up the 'bottle' of code with code
that actually outputs the specified song lyrics.
Then maybe the comments could be not only smaller, but more informative.

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