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Language DCL

(Digital Command Language OpenVMS V7.3-1)

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$ bottle_count = 99
$ next_verse:
$ call recite_verse 'bottle_count'
$ bottle_count = bottle_count - 1
$ if bottle_count .ne. 0 then goto next_verse
$ recite_verse:
$ subroutine
$   bottles = " bottle!-!0UL!1%C!%Es!%F "
$   verse = "!/!UL"
$   verse = verse + bottles
$   verse = verse + "of beer on the wall, !-!UL"
$   verse = verse + bottles
$   verse = verse + "of beer."
$   verse = verse + "!/Take one down and pass it around, "
$   if p1 .ne. 1
$   then
$     verse = verse + "!UL"
$     verse = verse + bottles
$     verse = verse + "of beer on the wall."
$   else
$     verse = verse + "no more bottles of beer on the wall."
$     verse = verse + "!/!/No more bottles of beer on the wall, no more bottles of beer."
$     verse = verse + "!/Go to the store and buy some more, 99 bottles of beer on the wall."
$   endif
$   write sys$output f$fao( verse, 'p1', 'p1-1' )
$ exit
$ endsubroutine

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Alternative Versions

for OpenVMSRik Steenwinkel04/20/050
on VAXAnonymous04/20/051
for VMSAnonymous04/20/050


>>  Kelley Johnston said on 07/15/09 07:00:00

Kelley Johnston Ahh, amazingly concise for something designed to control print and batch queues and drive the occasional Autogen or ACMSGen.

Although I would probably have used beers :== "''beer'" + "''plural'" to show off the easy symbol handling. F$FAO is elegant, but there was a pure joy to mastering the use of DCL symbols.

Love DCL, wrote about a quarter-million lines of it...Ok, now I'm going to go look up VCL and ... maybe, just maybe, BLISS...

>>  JohnstonMarianne34 said on 05/15/10 01:36:18

JohnstonMarianne34 This is great that people can get the <a href=""></a> and that opens up new opportunities.

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